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Flexyfoot Soft Grip Open Cuff Crutches – Grey


Technical Information:

  • Product code (single): CRUTCH -02-Grey-S
  • Product code (pair): CRUTCH -02-Grey-P
  • Colour: GREY
  • Tested to EN 1134-4-9 static load and fatigue tests
  • Minimum handle height: 780mm (31″)
  • Maximum handle height: 980mm (39″)
  • Crutch weight: 660g
  • Maximum user weight: 130kg (20st)


These Grey Flexyfoot Soft Grip Open Cuff Crutches are the ideal solution for individuals who need help with walking due to limited mobility or injury recovery. These crutches boast several features that enhance the user’s confidence and independence when out and about.

The handle is designed with a soft grip that fits comfortably in the hand, making it ideal for extended periods of use.

Each crutch is also equipped with a revolutionary Flexyfoot ferrule that boasts flexible bellows that effectively absorb shock upon impact with surfaces, greatly reducing discomfort in the arms and upper body.

The robust foot tread offers a substantial 50% increase in grip compared to traditional ferrules and remains in constant contact with the ground for maximum traction.

Finally, the crutches are adjustable in height, allowing the user to customize to their ideal height for optimal support.

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