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Phantom Wheelchair




The Phantom Wheelchair features a half-fold mechanism and quick release swing-away footrests to cater for easy storage and transportation. A removable padded seat and back upholstery is joined by angle and height adjustable armrests, ensuring user comfort. The Self Propelled option features quick-release 24″ pneumatic wheels.


Pushbutton angle adjustable arms allowing for enhanced comfort and easy access to work surfaces
Ergonomic handle for swing in & out footrests
Supports up to 135kg (21st)
Stylish two-tone padded upholstery
Half-fold mechanism and swing-away footrests to cater for easy storage and transportation
Removable padded seat and back upholstery
Long-reaching brakes are easily activated by user or attendant for stable parking
Quick-release 24″ wheels on the Self Propel model
Excellent lightweight aluminium frame with single cross brace is strong and stable, yet very lightweight for transporting and easily folded for storage
Stepper tubes enable attendant to safely raise front wheels for mounting kerbs
Angle & height adjustable armrests
Tool-free adjustable footrest supports user requirements and swings away to facilitate transfers
Generous 19″ seat width
7″ front castors


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